Virtual CISO™


Zofia Consultants are experts in full-time CISO activities and Enterprise Security Risk Management. Not every organization has the need or resources for full-time, all the time, cybersecurity support.  Having “Virtual CISO” ™ expertise available part-time and virtually on-demand is a service more and more of our clients are asking for.

Zofia Consulting assists our clients through the complex cybersecurity maze and provides the necessary leadership and learning opportunities for ongoing protection, compliance, and mission success. Zofia Consulting works with any organization, across multiple industries, to leverage expertise and capabilities with existing business processes to create an effective and efficient cybersecurity risk management program.


Rapid Assessment – Execute intensive analysis of technology platforms to identify the roadblocks to scaling, and recommend changes in platforms and processes to improve business and technical operations and product quality. Key deliverables include:

  • Documentation of the current state of cybersecurity capability.

  • Documentation and prioritization of a cybersecurity gap analysis.

  • Roadmap for remediating identified gaps and assessing needed functionality.

  • Evaluation of current cybersecurity team and security organization structure.

  • Examination of key technologies and business risk appetites.

  • Documenting and improving configuration management processes.

  • Incident Response capability assessment and gap analysis through testing and tabletop exercises.


Daily Management Support – The Virtual CISO of Zofia is a team of experts that are available to support questions and regular needs surrounding cybersecurity operations and management teams:

  • Risk assessments to inform the program’s design – working with business stakeholders and customers to identify possible business risks.

  • Identification and assessment of external and internal cybersecurity risks

  • Prioritizing cybersecurity requirements based on business need, operational impact and cost.

  • Supervising cybersecurity operations and threat response.

  • Cybersecurity metrics development and analysis.

  • Supporting recruiting efforts and professional development.

  • Interface with partners to identify possible residual risk-related potentials and provide corrective actions to reduce exposures.

  • Representing the organization cybersecurity capabilities to industry analysts, customers, and partners.

  • Managing the overall cybersecurity budget and identify and cost reduction opportunities.


Cybersecurity Roadmap Development and Future Technology Integration – ensure that cybersecurity policies, processes and protection platforms serve organizational needs now and in the future:

  • Identify and implement controls, policies, and procedures for mitigating risks

  • Development and implementation of a comprehensive Risk Management Framework (consistent with NIST standards)

  • Building and maintaining an organization’s cybersecurity technology product roadmap.

  • Directing staff efforts supporting ongoing cybersecurity awareness programs and new technology integration concerns supporting new commercial products and revenue streams.

  • Managing the product portfolio, so that the organization will make effective decisions about future product direction based on budget, resource needs, time, market constraints, and fulfillment of regulatory reporting requirements

Security Technology Evaluation and Selection Support – provide expertise to identify, evaluate and assist in fact-based vendor selection and technology implementation. Zofia Consulting provides unbiased vendor product comparisons and orchestrate desired “proof of concept” trials when final selections are made.  Our security expertise supports any organization’s technology lifecycle:

  • Cybersecurity dashboard development tools.

  • Risk Management frameworks.

  • On-premise security infrastructure assessment.

  • Cloud-based services security review

  • QA and Configuration Management

  • Support On-going Security Operations Management



The CISO role and responsibilities include the following control domains, which are consistent with ISO 27001 to safeguard the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information:

  • Information Security Policies

  • Organization of Information Security

  • Human Resources Security

  • Access Control

  • Cryptography

  • Physical and Environmental Security

  • Operations Security

  • Communications Security

  • System Acquisition, Development, and Maintenance

  • Supplier Relationships

  • Information Security Incident Management

  • Information Security Aspects of Business Continuity Management

  • Compliance


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