Zofia Buzz


Another year already! 2014 was an amazing year at Zofia.

This year, our team focused on building capacity and strengthening our offerings to our clients. Global demands for increased full-spectrum security sharpened our skills and hastened our pace. Our clients wanted to ensure they were best postured to meet the dynamism of threats to their physical and cyber footprints. It is our job to make sure they are prepared!

Here are a few 2014 Zofia highlights:


2014 was a year with a domestic security focus. Our client concerns kept us close to home and inside clients’ facilities as we shored up our clients’ physical and cyber presence. With thousands of reported intrusions, huge recovery expenses, and liability concerns across the USA – this was a year to double check security operations. We kept a watchful eye on global trends and threats to inform our clients’ domestic US position. We trained client corporate staff on issues of security, competitive intelligence, and analysis. We teamed with multiple other consultancies to bring holistic approaches to satisfy diverse client needs.


Our network of associates and advisors was never busier. We addressed a variety of topics for our existing clients and tapped into more new resources than in the past years. Our advisors introduced our associates to experts downloadaround the world in cybersecurity, terrorism, novel security capabilities, and more to ensure our clients had the best information available to mitigate threats and evaluate risks. In the area of strategic planning and support, we assisted Team Gleason with kicking off their >$600M initiative “Answer ALS” – a project to finally end ALS. How amazing to be a part of a campaign that is changing the face of research and brain science.

Zofia continues to grow and enhance our partnerships with top firms in the USA in support of multiple government and commercial clients. It is part of our philosophy to find and discover the best talent for our clients. If that means the expertise resides in another firm, we facilitate a mutually beneficial partnership to ensure our clients’ needs are fully supported with the best talent.

We noted an increased demand for specific global expertise in Africa and Eastern European countries. We delivered smartly by tapping into senior consultants with on the ground expertise that proved very accurate and timely. Most importantly – our clients referred us to their partner companies. The best advertising for Zofia is a word-of-mouth referral and we are grateful for the continuedTroops 4-18-09 027 confidence our clients place in us.


Zofia continues our commitment to being a valuable member of our local community. Zofia provided more than 85 hours of pro bono consulting to a variety of nonprofit activities and we proudly donated portions of our profits to: Robert Packard Center for ALS Research, Team Gleason, America’s VetDogs and Jill’s House. Inspired by the work of Steve Gleason – our CEO also became a board member of Team Gleason to more fully support them directly.

Zofia had a tremendous 2014 thanks to our team, partners, clients, friends, and family. After a very short break – 2015 is already starting for us, and we are ready. We look forward to helping you get your year going smartly, safely, and securely.