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We have all seen the tragic mistakes made by corporate cultural blunders in their attempt to market globally. These failures could have been prevented with proper research, insight, and experience. Products and services, no matter how fabulous and wanted, will never transcend local culture(s). To be successful in a new territory means having a keen understanding of local traditions, ideology, dominant philosophies, languages, politics, and more. Create corporate success by using intelligence to drive your organizational decisions. That is our Philo-Zofia

Our own Suzanne McDermott writes about “Global Branding on Ice.” When creative assets leave US air space – Suzanne notes how important it is to ensure you know your audience and understand the local domains where you intend to operate.

“When you’re marketing a global brand, you need to be on your toes—especially when you’re promoting Disney On Ice. Produced by Feld Entertainment, the visual tour below gives you a sense of how our original materials migrated as the show made its way around the world. I’ve always been fascinating by what happens when creative assets leave US air space. Beginning with the key art, I hope you enjoy seeing how the work evolved from the US to Australia to several Asian markets.” -Read the rest at http://blog.ihaforum.org/post/2014/03/12/Global-Branding-On-Ice.aspx


Suzanne is Zofia’s Senior Creative Services Advisor. With over 20 years of global experience, her creative voice helps our clients envision success in new markets and with new resources. Learn more about Suzanne and our other advisors here.