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Intelligence is the most important work, Because the entire force relies on it for every move. It is the essence of strategy. - Sun Tzu

In discussions this week with clients – I shared my review of recent reporting from the World Economic Forum (WEF): Global Risks: 2013 and the Director of National Intelligence Worldwide Threat Assessment. Both of these reports discuss perspectives of a presumed coming future. These reports discuss the continued turbulence in global economic systems coupled with global shortages in the basics: food and water. These issues are coupled with climate changes, continued political strife, extremism and terrorism.

The WEF report also discusses that not one of these issues can be separated from the other – that all of these systems are not just connected, but hyperconnectedwith factors including the rapid nature of communication, improved technology, and access to social media – collectively fueling the digital flames with misinformation and political rhetoric. The dangers here are all too real – including the potential toppling of governments (e.g. Arab Spring), mass physical tragedy, and severe economic losses.


The DNI report expands that discussion identifying specific countries at risk. One can see that no country is immune from a variety of threats – each leading to potentially disastrous outcomes.

It turns out that despite our best efforts – the world remains a world of great risks. In addition to national policies and corporate innovation, WEF also suggests that preparation for and survival through this future will involve resiliency.

The WEF states that knowledge of these issues will help prepare companies and governments to make changes NOW to prepare for an uncertain future. They state that what is needed is a strategy that best positions companies, agencies, and governments to be resilient…but not in isolation…rather in apartnered network with allies and friends.


No single agency or organization will be able to efficiently and effectively navigate the future without working collaboratively, building communities of trust, to help weather the storms ahead.

How is your organization prepared? Were you even aware these dangers are lurking around the corner? How will you allocate resources given the dynamism ahead? Where and who is your community?

Certainly there are paths to success – but they must be carefully mapped – specific to your goals and mission.

Key to success will be forming a long-term strategy. One that involves the effective use of intelligence information, knowledge management, security best practices, and building collaborative communities. Next – implementing and measuring the strategy must be well-planned and communicated to your team – or the strategy will be nothing but decoration on the shelf.

Intelligence, security, and strategy are core competencies of Zofia Consulting, LLC.

If you want to know how to prepare your organization, first – read the WEF and DNI reports. Next, send us a note. We are here to help you – not only with today’s problems

– but with tomorrow’s.

Let’s hope the outlook is incorrect and the forecasts will prove wrong over time. But as time has told, hope is not a strategy….

– Michelle Farr

CEO, Zofia Consulting