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Zofia is proud to be a part of The Innovative Solutions Consortium (ISC).

The ISC has partnered up with the Loudon County Department of Economic Development and Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce to hold the LCPS Challenge Event. The ISC will use its open innovation process to bring in potential solutions from around the world. The top Finalists will compete on October 22nd, demonstrating how their solution will help Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS). It is our goal to bring the best solutions to the county we call home.

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Apply to Participate:
LCPS Challenge Call for Solutions Application

: Oct 22, 2015 1:00-5:30pm, followed by networking social

: National Conference Center, 18980 Upper Belmont Pl, Leesburg, VA 20176

: http://www.isc-connect.org/events
$30, with 50% of all proceeds donated to educational causes
Free to all government employees and academia (must sign up to be an ISC Member to verify government/academia credentials)

The LCPS Challenge has been designed to bring innovative technologies and strategies to LCPS to help solve some of the school system’s “hard-to-solve” problems. After conducting research, interviews, and one-on-one discussions, we’ve identified 4 main areas:

Safety and Security
Administrative Decision Support Systems
Developing the 21st Century Classroom
Technology and Tools to Support Education Solutions

The LCPS Challenge will include guest speakers and live demonstrations of all of the Finalists’ solutions to be judged by a panel of LCPS stakeholders, academic, and industry leaders. The awards will include:

• Most Disruptive Technology
• Most Innovative Technology
• Future Innovators (an award for students only)

A series of Collaboration Sessions will be hosted by the ISC. The first is scheduled for June 25th at the ISC Emerging Technologies Event at Microsoft. For more details about the LCPS Challenge and how to participate, go to the LCPS Challenge Call for Solutions Application.

Learn more about our Sponsorship Levels and how you can get involved in supporting this exciting event. Contact Steve Hargan at steve.hargan@isc-mail.org or by phone at (703) 298-9617 for more information.