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The Innovative Solutions Consortium, in partnership with George Mason University and Mason Life, announce the Fall Assistive Technology (AT) Challenge. Our initial exploration into AT at the ISC-GMU Spring AT Conference yielded an understanding that there are gaps in coverage and support for people with disabilities in our community that offer opportunities for innovation. As a growing sector of the economy, these needs and gaps for AT offer growing business opportunities we will showcase in this Challenge.

This is another FIRST OF ITS KIND opportunity presented by the ISC. Those that have current AT innovations or that can extend their product or methodology offerings into AT space will have an opportunity to show their capabilities to a diverse audience of community partners to include disabled people and caregivers, investors, as well as government and service organizations.

Disability categories for our Fall AT Challenge will follow international guidelines for disabilities:

Mobility related disabilities
Sensory related disabilities
Cognitive disabilities
Disabilities related to declining faculties

We anticipate “crossover” Challenges in categories of AT, such as transportation and information management.

Working groups made up of non-innovators will meet on July 21, 2015 at the GMU Arlington Hall Campus to begin the process of developing needs statements and criteria for the challenge. Anyone NOT providing AT innovations for this challenge are welcome to register for participation in the working groups that are developing needs statements: Register now! Innovators are asked to watch for further announcements for their participation.

In August, we will close this part of the process and post criteria for our innovators to consider in their participation decision processes.

In September, we will host a COLLABORATION SESSION between working group chairpersons and our innovators to help ensure a full understanding of this opportunity. AT Challenge entries and a SECOND COLLABORATION may occur in October. After which, we will make the innovation down-select leading to our 4 December AT Challenge at the GMU Arlington Campus. More details will be provided as dates are confirmed.

WHEN: December 4, 9:00am-5:00pm

WHERE: George Mason University, 3351 Fairfax Drive, Arlington, VA

Zofia Consulting is a proud member of the ISC and We look forward to seeing you at this ground-breaking event!